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  • Q LionLin's categories of scaffolding products and their advantages.

    A LionLin scaffolding can provide various related products such as ring-lock scaffolding, door frame scaffolding, steel climbing frames, and steel planks, among others. With complete product categories and customization options, we can meet customers' one-stop.
  • Q Recommended purchasing method for LionLin personal protective labor protection products.

    A Due to the higher costs associated with transportation and customs documentation, combined with a delivery time of approximately two weeks, and considering the optimal shelf life of the products, we recommend that customers purchase quantities equivalent to three to six months of usage each time they purchase such products.
  • Q How to purchase cylindrical or irregular-shaped templates?

    A When purchasing cylindrical or irregular-shaped templates, specific drawings and quantities are required for customization. As the production time for these templates is longer than for ordinary templates, it is advisable to place orders one month in advance.
  • Q What is LionLin Phenolic Glue Premium Red Board, and what are its advantages and disadvantages?

    A Phenolic glue-faced panels have no film coating on the surface. Instead, a special phenolic glue is uniformly rolled onto the plywood surface and hot-pressed, resulting in a red appearance. LionLin Phenolic Glue Premium Red Board can be turned over about eight times. Its main advantage over film-faced plywood is its lower price while still maintaining a quality similar to that of film-faced plywood. However, because its surface has no film coating, demolding may sometimes leave slight marks on the concrete surface. Therefore, projects with high demands for demolding surfaces are not recommended to choose this type of board, and film-faced plywood is recommended instead.
  • Q What is LionLin Three-Star finger joint film-faced plywood?

    A Finger joint boards are reprocessed from recycled film-faced plywood. Compared to ordinary recycled spliced boards, finger joint film-faced plywood requires higher standards for the used film-faced plywood and undergoes more complex splicing processes, resulting in a better user experience. Its strength is not inferior to that of ordinary film-faced plywood, and its turnover rate can reach about 3 times. Its price advantage makes it highly satisfying for customers with such needs.
  • Q Comparison between LionLin Four-Star film-faced plywood and common film-faced plywood available in the market.

    A Although LionLin Four-Star film-faced plywood may have slightly lower quality compared to Five-Star film-faced plywood, its surface is smooth, and it can be turned over about 15 times. It is comparable to high-quality film-faced plywood available in the market. Moreover, our company's factory covers the entire production chain from tree felling to finished products, and we have a complete transportation channel, which gives us a significant price advantage compared to similar quality products in the market.
  • Q The difference between LionLin Four-Star and Five-Star film-faced plywood.

    A LionLin Four-Star and Five-Star film-faced plywood use similar quality wood core and glue. The difference lies in the Five-Star film-faced plywood, which undergoes additional pre-pressing procedures after layout and requires higher temperatures and pressure during hot pressing, resulting in a more stable wood core. Additionally, Five-Star film-faced plywood uses phenolic film, which is more expensive and of better quality than the melamine film used in Four-Star film-faced plywood. Phenolic film has better water permeability and waterproofing properties, providing stronger protection to the wood core and allowing for a higher turnover rate.
  • Q Advantages of plastic-faced panels, a new type of high-turnover construction template.

    A LionLin plastic-faced panels are high-end customized templates designed to meet customer requirements. They can produce high-end products with a turnover rate of 30-80 times. The patented technology used in these panels involves directly hot-melting modified PP double-layer plastic onto the wooden template, creating a non-water-permeable surface that does not adhere to cement. This surface protection extends the lifespan of the template, allowing for more turnovers. Compared to traditional imported high-end formwork and other phenolic glue high-end film-faced plywood, this patented technology enables us to produce products of the same quality at a relatively lower cost. Moreover, the unique surface of these panels allows for a mirror-like demolding effect, saving on subsequent plastering costs.
  • Q How to choose between LionLin Three-Star, Four-Star, and Five-Star film-faced plywood?

    A To meet the diverse needs of different customers and projects, LionLin offers three grades of film-faced plywood, each with different turnover rates based on the choice of wood core, glue type, and whether the board surface is covered with film: Three-Star film-faced plywood has a turnover rate of about 3 times, Four-Star film-faced plywood can be turned over about 15 times, and Five-Star film-faced plywood can be turned over about 20 times. These different price ranges allow customers to purchase according to their needs, maximizing material cost savings and minimizing waste.
  • Q Services provided by LionLin International in the Singapore region.

    A We have established deep cooperation with logistics and warehousing companies in Singapore. We can provide door-to-door delivery services for customers. If the customer's project site is temporarily inconvenient for material storage, we can also provide warehousing services.
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